Friday, April 13, 2012

New Home

Salam dear friends. I've not been writing here for quite sometime aye...the reason is not because i dont have time...its just that i was very very lazy. Hehehehehe and plus busy with classes and kids. And i guess its not too late to wish happy new year!!! Whts your resolution? Mine would be as usual to slim down (which i never do hehehehe) and this year to finish my master degree and get the scroll. Though its been a tough journey nonetheless it has been fun and very very educational..of courselah kan. I love my classes because of the people there. My classmates be it heritage class, indigeneous peoples' class, tourism class are so awesome. Really enjoy having them as friends and classmates. And after this last semester i will cherish all those special moments in my heart..sob sob. Well i am being emotional again. This semester is going to be my last semester and i will start working in July. At one point i cant wait going back to work but most of it i would be losing all the free time that i have now with my kids. But what to do life is like that.
Anyway, the first part of the year has been quite busy. We've moved to a new house. A better one with a quieter location. Its not that i dont like living in my old neighbourhood, actually i kinda miss it. But hubby wanted something bigger and quieter. So we found this place, a house bigger than before (xlah besar sangat pun heheheh) with a nice neighbourhood and of course next to a golf course which is much to hubby's pleasure. And of course there's a great swimming pool. And so we've moved in early this year n we have finally settled down. My kids have ample space to play now and i am gonna have my little garden soon. Oh oh and i love my new house now because the kitchen is at at the front of the house while the living room is at the back overlooking the garden outside. Nice ha? I just love this concept. heheheh
But the setback of staying here is that almost every day i would go to Tesco and Giant. its like the kedai runcit for me...heheheheheh...asal habis barang je pegi Tesco Giant and once there i will always find other things to buy..alahai kopak duit mak okeh. And my kids love going to Tesco as they have this kids arcade. Pokai gak duit mak. And now ni banyaklah pulak mak beli beg tangan. Ordered the long champ hand bag which blum sampai and the nine west just recently dapat. Last week just bought a cute black sling hand bag. Hahahaha teruklah camni.
Oklah need to get back to my assignment. Best gak buat assignment ni. The topic is on the attraction and destination of ecotourism in Malaysia. From my tourism law classlah. And early May we are going to a field trip. we will be going to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zuhai. Super duper excited uols...heheheh. K see u soon

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