Friday, April 13, 2012

New Home

Salam dear friends. I've not been writing here for quite sometime aye...the reason is not because i dont have time...its just that i was very very lazy. Hehehehehe and plus busy with classes and kids. And i guess its not too late to wish happy new year!!! Whts your resolution? Mine would be as usual to slim down (which i never do hehehehe) and this year to finish my master degree and get the scroll. Though its been a tough journey nonetheless it has been fun and very very educational..of courselah kan. I love my classes because of the people there. My classmates be it heritage class, indigeneous peoples' class, tourism class are so awesome. Really enjoy having them as friends and classmates. And after this last semester i will cherish all those special moments in my heart..sob sob. Well i am being emotional again. This semester is going to be my last semester and i will start working in July. At one point i cant wait going back to work but most of it i would be losing all the free time that i have now with my kids. But what to do life is like that.
Anyway, the first part of the year has been quite busy. We've moved to a new house. A better one with a quieter location. Its not that i dont like living in my old neighbourhood, actually i kinda miss it. But hubby wanted something bigger and quieter. So we found this place, a house bigger than before (xlah besar sangat pun heheheh) with a nice neighbourhood and of course next to a golf course which is much to hubby's pleasure. And of course there's a great swimming pool. And so we've moved in early this year n we have finally settled down. My kids have ample space to play now and i am gonna have my little garden soon. Oh oh and i love my new house now because the kitchen is at at the front of the house while the living room is at the back overlooking the garden outside. Nice ha? I just love this concept. heheheh
But the setback of staying here is that almost every day i would go to Tesco and Giant. its like the kedai runcit for me...heheheheheh...asal habis barang je pegi Tesco Giant and once there i will always find other things to buy..alahai kopak duit mak okeh. And my kids love going to Tesco as they have this kids arcade. Pokai gak duit mak. And now ni banyaklah pulak mak beli beg tangan. Ordered the long champ hand bag which blum sampai and the nine west just recently dapat. Last week just bought a cute black sling hand bag. Hahahaha teruklah camni.
Oklah need to get back to my assignment. Best gak buat assignment ni. The topic is on the attraction and destination of ecotourism in Malaysia. From my tourism law classlah. And early May we are going to a field trip. we will be going to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zuhai. Super duper excited uols...heheheh. K see u soon

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Very hectic

Hello dahlings sekalian,....its been sometime again since i've updated this blog. Been super duper busy with classes. Started the new sem like a month ago but the work MasyaAllah banyak bangat. It seems macam i have loads to do but so little time to spare. Well plus masa tido and jimba2 mesti adalah kan. My routine now would be..bgn pagi, pegi library or class, then balik for lunch and rest awhile. if got class in the evening i need to do some reading before class..kang kena tanya xleh jawab plak and ptg if no class i will go to my aerobic some zumba dancing, or belly dance or some latino dance. Yogalates is my fav but since the class clashes with my master class terpaksa forgo dulu. Oh before i went to class in the evening or aerobics i would cook dinner. This to ensure hubby eat less of maggi mee. Heheheh dulu malas now hari2 google for recipes. So balik malam after making sure kids are all in bed, i will start to do my work until like 2 am. Jadinya kadang2 agak penat jugak but i will make sure once inawhile i will time to jimba2 with frens and hubby. Usually every friday akan pi luncheon with my friends from workplace. If i went back to my mom's place i will meet up with my close friends to have some breakfast or my bestie will come to have lunch with me during weekdays. And a couple of weeks back went to spa with a lovely friend and she's gonna be my spa mate frm now hehehe...and jimba2 with hubby, went out for lunch once in a week or tgk theatre if ada cerita menarik. The latest we went to watch The Secret Life of Nora..oklah cerita dia but i think Tiara should retire from becoming a lead actress coz she's old. Get someone youngerlah kan huhuhu...and next nak tgk badai semalam. One of my fav malay book. And got to see Erra and Aaron nice..cant wait. So that's all abt my life recently. I am gonna be super duper busy these 2 months onwards. So please bear with me but i will still find time to jimba2 with my besties...and u guys know who u are..

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hehe lama tak update blog. ni update istimewa skit sbb first time update guna Asus. Ala-ala ipad hehehe tapi bukanlah i pad. no bad jugak benda alah ni. hubby gave it to me as a gift huhuhu. Makaseh. Oklah benda alah ni. I loike! Boleh buat ala2 laptop gak tapi xdalah function laptop sangat.
Anyways hows ur raya? Mine sungguh meriah sebab anak tak sakit unlike last year and kami dapat beraya di kedua dua belah side dengan meriahnya. This year raya was my turn. So balik ampang 3 days before raya. Dapatlah tolong ibunda buat ketupat dan masak rendang. Last year tak dapat nak tolong. And on the first day raya after sembahyang raya, we went to my aunty's house dan beraya dengan my relatives. Sampai je rumah my old friend came beraya di samping hantar tart nenas. And later my bestie Farah came to beraya. Seronok sangat.
So the second day raya balik kg hubby kat ganu. Sana sentiasa meriah and plus my sil's engagement. Then after that raya ke 7 we went for a short holiday kat Awana Kijal.I always like that place. Masa

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am 30 something

I have been 30 something for awhile now...and recently like 2 days ago it added 1 more year to my 30 something. How am i feeling? Well biasa biasa jek. Nothing much. Thanks to face book I got a lot of well wishes from friends and families.

My other half took me to Menara KL to celebrate my birthday and to break fast. The view was great since we were at the highest level of the tower. The food was ok....if you like 100% Malay cuisine. I am ok with that but to have varieties would be even better. Tapi takpalah...yg penting like my other half said we paid not for the food but the view. But i did not get any birthday cake...huhuhu....alah once a year pun kan...laki2 ni kadang2 tak paham..been telling him for years now belilah cake sekeping pun jadilah....tapi hampeh. Hem dia tak suka makan cake so dia assume kita pun x suka...cheh.

Hem....apa lagi cerita....oh my life has been quite slow at the moment. I am on sem break for 4 months. Tried to keep myself busy, been going out with friends (thats the good part) and meng familiarisekan diri with the bangi roads....hehehehe, yap i am bad with directions so after 2 years i can finally drive in bangi with my eyes close....hahahaha not literally lah.

But soon we will be moving to Nilai. And currently busy with the new house. So I am leaving this place. Sedih ke? Entahlah. Sejak pindah sini banyak sangat kedai and senang but kawasan rumah me has become very crowded...bencilah kalau nak keluar kereta sebab banyak sangat kereta yg parking luar. Tak memikirkan orang lain langsung. Because bila rumah dekat dengan uni and area industri banyaklah orang yg menyewa ramai. Hem even though tempat ni sangat strategik tapi akak dah pening kapla dah ni.

Oklah time to cook for nak masak asam pedas ikan pari, ayam goreng berempah, udang kicap and sayur goreng. Kuih would be cucur udang. Hem ok kan? I am doing my best to cook for my hubby walaupun taklah berapa sedap..ok gtg

Friday, August 5, 2011


Malam yang sejuk ni tetiba jiwang pulak. Semua org dah tidur. I was the only one up. Saja nak dengar lagu korea dari ost lie to me. Mak oii mengusik jiwa dan raga. Hei diriku ini sebenarnya berjiwa romantik. I think kebanyakan perempuan memang berjiwa romantika nih except for one friend ni hahahaha jiwa kayu.....friend u know who u are....sorry beb....

nanananananana....haruskah ku bilang cinta hati senang namun bimbang....wah a song that i have downloaded. Lagu2 ni banyak mengingatkan pasal zaman2 dulu. Well sebelum i met with my hubby adalah minat seseorang. Dia tak pernah tahu but my close friends tahu. Tapi sebab dialah i suka org yg macam2 gangster tapi sebenarnya baik. Macam cerita meteor garden Dao Ming Shi....and cerita korea Playful Kiss banyak gambarkan my cinta monyet, a very very ordinary girl yg suka kat a very popular person. The different between me and the story is that at last the girl got what she wanted. Me....i never had the gut to tell him. menyesal ke? Absolutely not coz i wouldnt have met a wonderful person later that is my hubby now. Hahahahaa...mengarut dah ni. Saja je sebab bosan malam2 macam ni tetiba dengar lagu sentimental.

You can change your hair or your clothes.....u will find a way back home....lagu Miley Cyrus ni banyak dia punya pengajaran. Percaya tak that i like her a lot and if one day kalau dia buat konsert kat sini i will definitely go. Sebab seriously bestlah lagu2 dia. Now i am listening to I do song by colbie caillat....alah yg lagu theme masa gazette william kate punya wedding...oh i so need to get myself an ipod. Ni kena buka laptop to listen to songs. Pathetic kan...u make me want to say i do.....

Hem well thank you for reading my crazy scribbles ni. I think i miss my blog and takkan meninggalkan dia lagi. Hehehehe...with this i end my day with a phrase of Sungai Lui by Aizat

"Adakah semua dunia kuinginkan ataupun mengejar dunia semata-mata...ku harap kau masih percaya....selama ini...." a great song...he is one of my fav malaysia male singer besides anuar zain and Faizal Tahir.

Arggh sakit pinggang

Adododo ngapalah hari ni mengidap sakit pinggang. Wanted to massage but mum was way against it. She said if the massage was wrongly done it may affect my kidney. Well if mum says so, got to agree coz if anything happens she will definitely says....tulah mama dah kata. Heehehehe....but still sakitlah. Lenguh sangat. Hem whyla sakit. Katanya sebab kesan penggunaan epidural in my two prengnancies before. Maybe. Well this is the price that women have to pay. So men out there you have to treasure your wives before of the sacrifices she made for you and all the pain that she had to endure. So jagalah bini baik2. Wah....

Beside sakit pinggang I am thinking of what to cook for break fast today. Going through the recipes online found this super easy mee rebus. Campak je semua benda. Hahahahaah....its my style and the ingredients pun yg senang and mostly dah ada. I hope menjadilah kali ni. Seriously starting from last year cam mls sangat nak pegi pasar ramadhan. I heard the prices have chalked up twice and the food quality teruk. So taknaklah membazir since this year takde bonus aternya....hemm...

Bila dah takde bonus duit raya punya allocation pun kena kuranglah. Tulah nak buat camaner kan. So jgnlah ada nanti yg komplen duit raya skit. Habis den ngan shuben nak buat camanor....aternya takkan nak berlapor plak harap tok najib bagilah skit bonus this year.

Oklah geng gtg coz my daughter just got back from school. Adios amigas